Abia Granite services ensure to provide granite slabs, gravestones, tiles, and monuments which are created and designed according to the customer’s line of interest. After placement of the granite products, Mr. Nazar visit the factories, ensure and carry out the inspection servicesphysically to make sure that the design and structure of the materials sync with the customer’s guidelines before shipments and give proper reports with exact pictures

Also, it is mandatory to check the quality certain stone placed, assures stability and firmness to hold without any issues. We ensure to study the final execution of work exhibits perfection and reliability and do not give room for mishaps or complaints. The Abia granite services procure granite stone products from the right vendors. The granite stone should encompass all features so that it exhibits excellence even after years of exposure to the sunlight, rain, and other climatic changes. As the granite stones are used in the Projects, graveyards, monuments, tiles, it is essential that it of good quality and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The grave headstone and tombstone are embellished with exotic design keeping the religious sanctity intact. It is custom designed too based on the customer’s requirement. Apart from grave headstones, tombstones, slabs, tiles, monuments and vases for graves. Presently we providing an optimum granite inspection and sourcing services to US, Canada, Ireland customers. Get in touch with us and get the best service for your requirements.

  • Sourcing and Inspection of Granite Slabs & Tiles Newjersy, Houston, Dallas, Chicago – USA
    Toronto – Canada
  • Sourcing and Inspection of Granite Markers & Monuments Los Angeles – USA
    Athlone and Cork – Ireland.